Upscale Indian Cuisine in Bronx, New York

Discover the best upscale Indian restaurants in Bronx, New York. From North India to South India and even Anglo-Indian Balti cuisine, there's something for everyone.

Upscale Indian Cuisine in Bronx, New York

Are you searching for an upscale Indian restaurant in Bronx, New York? Look no further! The area is home to several restaurants that specialize in Indian cuisine, offering a variety of dishes from North India, South India, and even Anglo-Indian Balti cuisine. Whether you're looking for traditional flavors or something with a modern twist, there's something for everyone. Chef Jay Kumar at Park Slope restaurant has masterfully combined Indian flavors with European influences. Tucked away on a corner of Williamsburg is Masti, a restaurant that specializes in Anglo-Indian Balti cuisine.

Semma is a wonderful West Village restaurant by the team of Roni Mazumdar and Chintan Pandya, serving dishes from the southern Indian states of Kerala, Karnataka, Goa, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. For something a bit different, try the smoked salmon puchkas and jackfruit tacos at one of the upscale restaurants. Or if you're looking for something more traditional, head to the basement of the Ganesh temple in Flushing for a strictly vegetarian menu of South Indian dishes. Finally, British Indian immigrant Jaz Rupall founded Hell's Kitchen restaurant focusing on North Indian cuisine with a Balti twist. No matter what type of Indian food you're looking for, there's sure to be something to satisfy your craving in Bronx, New York!.

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